Four Days of Free Games at Robin Hood Bingo

By Matt Kennedy - January 21 2012

Who's this riding through the lush undergrowth of Sherwood Forest on a handsome steed? Why, it's none other than Robin Hood, inviting you to play brand-new Robin Hood Bingo. This fabulous new online bingo site has just launched, and the merry frolics begin as soon as you register. Play Robin Hood Bingo today to get four days’ access into the FREE newbies game, where you could win up to £160 in free bingo jackpots each day.

Robin also loves to dish out gold coins. They're so easy to rack up — you get them every time you visit the site, any time you play bingo, and when you play instant games as well. They soon start adding up — convert them into free bingo bonuses and hopefully, win big.

Robin has always been a lucky chap to avoid the Sheriff of Nottingham, and now he wants some of his good fortune to rub off on you. Play any of Robin's Lucky Penny bingo games, and you could be winning £1000 for just 1p. Tickets are always available to pre-buy — test your luck and snap up a few now.

Ready to meet Robin and his band of merry makers? Sign today to get £20 free when you deposit £5, and then disappear off into Sherwood Forest to rob from the rich.


Robin Hood Bingo (NEW)
Robin Hood Bingo (NEW) – Play Now

Robin Hood Bingo

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