Foxy Bingo – where the stockings are hung and angels are heralding prizes

By Peter X - December 11 2010

If you don't have an advent calendar to open the doors each day during the countdown to Christmas, don't you worry your cute little socks over it. Foxy Bingo has 24 stockings hung over his fireplace and he is inviting you to click on one every day. The stocking tips up and spills out your surprise and that's what you get to do on that day. There is no peeking forward so each day is a surprise and you get to play for £500 in the Free For All room at 8:30pm, 9:30pm and 10:30pm; if you don't win its no crying matter, because you also don't lose. Everyone is a winner in this game as the losers all get their bingo ticket money back. That'll get you into the spirit for Christmas!

If you play at Foxy Bingo on a Friday night and are already a regular at this bingo site, you know that it is £10,000 prize night every week. Wouldn't a share of this come in handy so close to Christmas? You can't win it if you aren't in it and even if you only spend a pound to buy one bingo ticket you should. The bingo game features at 9pm, so pre-buy your tickets now and every Friday, it could be the winning ticket.

This weekend Foxy is featuring a special Instant Game prize draw, it plays through to Sunday and to get into this draw you only need to spend a pound. Ok, it’s a bit more than a penny, but the prize is £1,500!! The return on investment is incalculable if you win and you also might win on any one of the brilliant Instant Games you choose play. IG's are slots, scratchies, mini games and all that lovely stuff.

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    li class="comment even thread-even depth-1" id="comment-505"> holmes44

    i have been visiting foxy everyday through december to click on the stockings to see what offers i could win. Some of them are really good and well worth it but the only trouble i had was that certain offers were for a certain time of the day and i couldnt get on to play them or i forgot.

    December 12, 2010


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