Free Bingo at Chit Chat Bingo this Tuesday!

By Peter X - January 16 2011

Chit Chat Bingo is hosting a full day of free bingo on Tuesday the 18th January. Why is this such a big deal? Because normal free bingo happens now and then and there are not many opportunities for you to take advantage of bingo games like these for a full 12 hours between 9am and 9pm. That's right, you get to play all day and you don't have to spend any money. If your Chit Chat bingo balance is looking a bit bleak and you don't have the budget to boost it yourself, these games will do it for you.

Winning something for nothing at Chit Chat Bingo means you will be able to play at least six free bingo tickets per game. It also means there is more than £1000 in a guaranteed cash prize kitty, so this money has to be won – it is not going anywhere else. Take advantage of this offer; don't miss out because January is a very long, cold and broke month, which makes matters worse. So grab this opportunity to get owt for nowt; it'll warm up the cockles of your heart. 

This bingo site is determined to put the VAT man on his back-leg too, and they have a special offer running through the entire month to make sure you get a bit extra back, where the VAT man is now pinching more from your pockets. There is 20% extra free for all depositing players on all deposits! Also check out Bill Free Bingo and slots on Tuesdays, new Bingo Party Live games and lots, lots more.

ChitChat Bingo

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