Free Bingo Games and Lottery at Giggle Bingo

By Becky Mosley - March 9 2010

Giggle Bingo are feeling pretty generous this month and are putting on some Weekly Free games to keep their loyal members happy! In other words you can win cash prizes and it won’t cost you a thing at Giggle! There’s also another new addition in the shape of the Loyalty Lottery which can be played alongside the free bingo games.

Friday nights host 8 Free games with £50 pots, these games take place at 8pm, 8.18pm, 8.36pm, 8.54pm, 10pm, 10.18pm, 10.36pm and 10.54pm in the Snickers Room. To ensure a win you need to buy the maximum number of cards and wait for the numbers to be called, the cards are free so make sure you get as many as poss.

In addition to the free games there’s the Loyalty Lottery which rewards the players who have deposited twice or more in the week leading up to the Loyalty Lottery and are also registered for Bingo Ball for Life. All qualifying players need to watch the balls called on each of the free games and as soon as you see your Bingo Ball for Life shout ‘Loyalty Lottery’ to win. The first two players to do this will win £20 in Bingo Bonus each!

There will be two winners in every free game so that’s 16 lucky winners each week! As a treat at the end of the session a draw will be held for all eligible Loyalty Lottery players who didn’t win a free game or the actual Loyalty Lottery. Two of these players will win £20 Bonus each and these players will be announced on the Monday following the event.

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