Free Cards to Sagittarius Game at White Rose Bingo

By Dani Lee - November 26 2013

December bingo bonanza

Dive into December with a grand in your hand – on the first day of the month, you could be winning £1000 at White Rose Bingo. This game is great value, as it's buy one, get one free, although today is the very last day of this bargain offer from one of my favourite new bingo sites.

Get paid to play

It's a dream come true – get paid to play every day for a month. The big game plays on the 28th, at 8pm, and if you are the lucky victor, you'll get £50 cash credited to your account daily.

2 million points race

Feel the rush, win the points – the race is on right now. Complete various actions to climb the leaderboard – for instance, cover the pound sign to win 25 points, cover the number 2 to win five points, and refer-a-friend to win 100 points.

Ride a £20 Christmas sleigh

Forget Santa's sleigh being stuffed with toys – at White Rose Bingo, it's stuffed with cash – £20,000 to be precise. From December 1st to December 20th, you have the chance to win £1000 guaranteed, daily.

Midnight madness

Corks will be popping if you win the £2014 jackpot on New Year's Eve, oh yes they will. What a way to kickstart the year – it plays at the stroke of midnight and you don't have to be online when the game plays.

Free Zodiac cards

If your star sign is Sagittarius, I have good news – your star sign game is playing on December 21st. If it's your birthday this month, you'll get 10 free cards to the game – a nice little birthday present from the team at White Rose.

Double cash deal

Sign at White Rose Bingo now and your cash will be doubled straight away and blossom right up to £100. Sounds too good to be true, but it's blooming well not.


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