Free Fiver Bonus on Wonderland Slot at Ruby Bingo

By Becky Mosley - January 3 2014

A date with the White Rabbit

Don’t be late for your date with Alice and chums, or else you’ll miss out on a £5 bonus. Play Adventures in Wonderland slot before January 7, and if you spend £5, you will get an immediate £5 bonus to keep on playing. And if you think that’s impressive, then check this out – the current progressive jackpot on the Wonderland slot is currently teetering at over £22,000 – will you be the player to trigger a winning Wonderland windfall? This offer is exclusive to Ruby Bingo, so if you’re looking for a generous new bingo sites, then it’s about time you hooked up with Ruby.

Meet your little piggy pal

Who doesn’t love a free scratchcard? If you spend £1 on tickets, you’ll unlock the daily Piggy Smash scratchcard, with a top prize of £500. Plus, every day you play before January 7, you’ll earn entries to the Piggy Smash prize draw where you could win a £100 bonus.

Big Prize Thursday

Thursday is the official start of the weekend, so if you can’t get enough of that feelgood factor, then play in the Royal Court from 8 PM. Ruby is in fine fettle, paying out £250 every half hour, £500 on the hour, and loads of £100 prizes in between.

Everybody’s equal

Oh, bless sweet Ruby – she loves all her players to be equal. So, join her for the Everyone is Equal games daily between 11 PM and 12 AM. Every roomie has 12 cards, and they only cost 5p each. This is perfect if you get fed up of some roomies maxing out, and snapping up all the prizes.

10:30 PM showdown

Every evening at 10:30 PM, something rather special happens. In the Royal Court room, roomies pay 50p per card, and win anywhere up to £2500 in the Linx games. The prizes get even bigger every Friday at 10:30 PM, where Ruby puts £6000 up for grabs. Spend £10 to get £40 free – Ruby knows how to treat new players indeed.


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