Free national lottery lines when you play at Rollover Bingo

By Peter X - March 25 2012

Welcome to the ridiculously exciting world of Rollover Bingo. And that's because it's the only free bingo site in the world to reward you with hard cash when you register, and also FREE lines on the national lottery. The more you play, the more free national lottery lines you earn – this gives you even MORE chances of winning the big one, wahey!

Here's how it works: for every fiver you spend on bingo cards, Rollover Bingo dish you out a free syndicated line on the next approaching national lottery. That means if you spend £20 on bingo cards, Rollover will reward you with four Lotto lines. Your lines are rewarded to you as a syndicate of 49 players. If your own personal numbers get three ball match, you win the cash in the form of bonus points. If your syndicate gets a five ball or six ball match, it is split between everybody in the syndicate, and it is paid by cheque.

Rollover Bingo is a £5 minimum deposit bingo site – join today and start playing your way to the big one. Thousands of Rollover Bingo players have already won extra bonus cash courtesy of this most exclusive of bingo sites – try it once, and you won't want to go back to the normal way of playing, take it from us.

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