Free Tickets to Taurus Star Sign Game at Bingo Cove

By Becky Mosley - May 15 2014

Attention all bulls

If your star sign is Taurus, then make sure you get your free tickets to the Zodiac Game at Bingo Cove. This month, it plays on May 20 – if you celebrate your anniversary this month, you’ll get 10 free tickets. Put your faith in the stars to win a £500 full house, plus 20 free tickets to the next game. Play free bingo no deposit required to see if you can be the next Zodiac winner.

Get Paid To Play

It’s every roomie’s dream – you could be getting paid to play for the next 30 days. On the 28th of every month, you can win this sensational prize – if you’re the full house winner, you’ll get £50 cash credited to your account every day for a whole month.

Candyland Tournament

Have you tried the new Sweetieland tournament at Bingo Cove yet? To be fair, it’s a bit of an acquired taste, because you’ve got to buy rounds to climb up the leaderboard. This tournament is for you real hard-core fans only – there are three each day, and your first round is free.

Boost your jackpot

Climb aboard the rocket ship, and boost your jackpot. The more cards you buy, the more you will win. So for instance if you buy 60 cards, you’ll nab the guaranteed jackpot, plus an extra 30% on top of your regular winnings.

Grab a Grand

This game used to play on the first day of every month, but a new date has been added – you can now win £1000 on the 1st AND 15th of every month. Plus, it’s buy one ticket, get the next free, doubling your chances of a win.

£6000 in free games

You get a 100% deposit bonus when you join the Cove but there is no no-deposit cash. But that’s okay, because you can play £6000 in free games every month, without the need to make a deposit. Yeeha! So grab your snorkel, flip-flops, and sarong – it’s time to take a swim beneath the turquoise waves of Bingo Cove – treasure awaits down there.


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