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By Asin Agrawal - January 15 2011

New Year brings lots of new stuff and this is certainly the case for many UK online bingo sites. This year we expect to see a step up in all promotional offers and the "stepping up to the mark" has already started off at Tombola Bingo. The latest in a long line of games and promotions is the all new and free Syndicates. This is not a new concept, Tombola did this 10 years ago, now they have re-launched the idea and made it bigger and better than the offers available at the other two UK bingo sites which also offer free lottery lines.

Tombola Bingo has essentially gone out and bought a stack of UK National Lottery tickets and you can claim one line a day, when you spend £1 on Bingo. As is a popular way to present lottery lines in free offers, these are syndicated lines, but unlike other free offers with 49 members per syndicate, the Tombola lines syndicates only have ten members each. This means when the prizes are won they are only shared out between ten possible winners.

This site goes out of its way to give members what they want, and although two other bingo sites pipped them to the post in recent times with this promotion, Tombola was actually the progenitor of "Syndicates". They also gave away £100,000 in Secret Santa which was their Christmas Free bingo game, but the possibilities for winning huge amounts with these syndicates can spark your wildest imagination. This game was hugely popular before and we can pretty much guarantee that it will be hugely popular again. In any case, anything for free is a bargain in my book and this is especially true if it allows you even more chances to win.

Tombola Bingo (NEW OFFER)
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