Friends for Life at Eat Sleep Bingo

By Becky Mosley - September 30 2009

Eat Sleep Bingo have come up with one of the most generous friend referal schemes I’ve come across recently. For each friend you bring to their site you will receive £30 on your friend’s first deposit! The bonuses don’t stop there though as you will also receive 20% on all of your friend’s deposits for life!

So, say you recruit your friend John to Eat Sleep Bingo and he makes a deposit, you’ll be awarded with£30, say John then deposits £25 the following week, you will receive £5 bonus and every deposit thereafter will earn you 20%!

All you have to do to get in on this brilliant friend referal program just visit Eat Sleep Bingo’s promo page and select the Friends for Life tab and enter your email address and password, you can then browse through your own email contacts and invite whom ever you choose and watch the bingo bonus moneycome rolling in!!

Eat. Sleep. Bingo! (NEW)
Eat. Sleep. Bingo! (NEW) – Play Now

Eat. Sleep. Bingo!

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