Gala Bingo – A “little on the quiet side lately”?!

By Asin Agrawal - November 27 2010

I have just read a news article online which describes Gala Bingo as, and I quote "a little on the quiet side of late". I could not agree with them more, and in fact, I believe whoever wrote this piece was being uncommonly kind and exceedingly genteel. I have always maintained that for some reason or other Gala Bingo seems to trade-off the fact that they are a big brand name and offer mediocre promotions. There is a new TV ad out which states that they give away over £62 million a month; what I want to know is where it all goes, because we don't see many BIG bingo winners, in fact we don’t' see many BIG prizes. Is this £62 million misleading advertising and not pertinent to the online bingo site, but their entire bingo business overall? This would be interesting to know!

The question asked in the news I read was, would the new TV advert prompt Gala to add more promotions to their bingo site? Will it – who the heck knows? I have been waiting for years for this online brand to aggressively promote to their members. Mecca Bingo does it online and quite frankly their promotions are of a standard that you would expect of a brand of bingo in their ranking.

I came across exactly the same ennui as at Gala Bingo at the Carlton Bingo site just the other day – they operate 14 land based clubs in the North of England and Scotland, and despite marketing hype that their site is hot, I have never seen a chillier welcome. For some reason, some online bingo site owners think they can run the site on autopilot and because they are a brand holder on land, everyone will love them and play. I can't see why an online bingo offering has to be and look just as manned by real people who have a real interest in their players as any bingo land brand – they are after all dealing with people.

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