Gala Bingo - Consistently boring try Mecca Bingo instead!

By Asin Agrawal - November 14 2010

I have just read a write-up online from one of the biggest and best recognized bingo portals in the UK; proclaiming that Gala Bingo, is also one of the biggest and best, and this happens quite regularly. I have actually never read such a load of tripe so I thought I might have perhaps missed something new and exciting happening at Gala Bingo online. To give them the benefit of the doubt, I went back to the site – lo and behold to find, the same dull promotions. Now don't get me wrong, but if this brand is the biggest and the best, then surely it stands to reason that they should have bigger and better promotions – or is it me that is just being stupid?

Take a look at Mecca Bingo, and compare promotions with Gala. Mecca is the 2nd largest operator in the land and the promotions at their online site are tons better and more imaginative than any ever found at Gala, where every week; week after week it’s the same offers. "Win £4500 in guaranteed prizes every night" and so on! So what; Mecca Bingo guarantees £10000 daily on top of standard bingo 90 prizes, and tons of other promos; Foxy Bingo is nowhere near the size of Gala and look at the prizes they give away?!

Now this exercise is not intended as a slanging match; it is just that the hype irritates me when the prizes are not in proportion to the type of punting or lobbying that Gala Bingo receives. It is vitally important that our readers get satisfaction, the real truth and the best bingo value for their money too. There are a number of better bingo sites to play than Gala Bingo online; just because they are the biggest, does not necessarily make them the best!

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