Bingo News: Gala Bingo helps 100 year old to celebrate!

By Becky Mosley - September 11 2008

Gala Bingo gave a generous present to Muriel Walton to celebrate her 100th birthday.

Gala Bingo gave Muriel 100 days of free bingo for her birthday, each day representing a year of her life.

Muriel Walton is an avid bingo player and is a mother, grandmother and a great grandmother too! She is a very active lady and considers this to be why she has stayed in good health throughout her life.

”I don’t know what the key to making it to 100 is, you’ll have to ask the man upstairs, but I guess being active as often as I can has helped. I hate staying indoors,”Muriel said. ”Up until I broke my leg a few years ago I would get on the bus to Brent Cross, go out for something to eat- anything to get out.”

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