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By Asin Agrawal - February 17 2011

With February still as cold as ever and no sign of spring happening yet, I am so happy online bingo was invented because we get to stay home all warm and toasty and still have fun. If the bingo itself doesn't warm you up, then chatting to your friends and winning prizes is sure to turn the heat up. Speaking of heat; have you heard that Jackpot Joy Bingo will be sponsoring Endemol's Deal or no Deal? This is a very apt TV sponsorship for this bingo site, DOND plays in the UK on Channel 4 and is one of the hottest and most popular TV games shows world-wide; not only in the UK.

Jackpot Joy Bingo also offers variations of Deal or No Deal at the site and in fact the last big win they had, was a member playing Deal or no Deal slots. The new DOND sponsorship launched today – Tuesday the 15th February and because the game is sponsored by this site it will feature Jack and Joy as well as the Queen of Bingo – our very own Barbara Windsor; popping out of the legendary Red Boxes. There is also a new bingo game launching to tie in with the advertising campaign and it is called – Ad Break Bingo. This means members of the site will have the opportunity to play games during the ad breaks of Deal or no Deal and win up to £250,000 every day whilst watching these bumpers.

In the meantime at Jackpot Joy Bingo life goes on in the normal Royal way; Jacks chest is open again, and he will be sharing its treasures with members. There is £5000 up for grabs and it plays till the 17th February. Where will Jack pop up next with his chest?

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