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By Peter X - January 11 2011

It has only just started and you have till the 16th January 2011 to get some of the biggest bargains in the bingo industry, in fact in bingo history – find them at Cheeky Bingo in their huge 90% off sale. They are selling what are normal priced bingo tickets at 5p and 10p, for only 1p and 2p and the prizes stay the same. This means you pay 1p for your games and can win from £10 – £100, even more if your tickets are 2p.

If you fancy these great bingo bargains, you need to be a member of Cheeky Bingo and this is something you won't ever regret as they offer free bingo games 24/7 – right round the clock! So, as well as a ton of free bingo, you also get the hottest sale of the season and you can get it all for yourself right now!

It is a New Year, is it a New You? Because it is definitely a new Cheeky Bingo and they also have a whole new amped up guaranteed jackpot schedule. In fact they have amped up this schedule to the tune of an additional £25,000 more! In these bingo games you can win anything from £25-£250 in both 5p and 10p, 75 and 90 ball bingo rooms.

The games also run day and night, so no matter how anti-social your job or you happen to be, you will always find a game playing! Find the new games in Bare-Faced Cheek and the Cheeky Smile bingo rooms and consult the handy jackpot schedule to help you schedule your games. Also take a peek at Cheeky's diary, she won't mind at all, and get up to date with all the goings on, promotions and prizes happening at this bingo site.

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