Get Diamonds at Bingo G this January

By Dani Lee - January 18 2011

Bingo G players can get their hands on Diamonds every time they make a deposit this month. Collect 10 of these Diamonds and you can trade them in for real cash. Ten real Diamonds are worth £20 so get busy depositing and you could soon be racking it in.

Deposits of £10 to £19 will get you 150% bonus but spend a little more, say £20 to £29 and you'll get a 250% bonus plus 1 Diamond. Spend between £30 and £49 for 2 Diamonds and a 325% bonus or £50 to £99 for 350% bonus and 5 whole Diamonds! If you can afford to spend at least £100 you can get your mitts on 12 Diamonds and a whopping 400% bonus! Not only are you reaping generous deposit bonuses but you will also be gaining £20 for every 10 Diamonds you collect which makes funding your Bingo G account very tempting!

There's a £3100 Daily Slot Tournament this month so if you enjoy your slots make sure you visit Bingo G every day at 9.30am to play the Slot Game of the day. The King will be crowned each day and will win £100, this is basically the player who spends the most playing the selected slot game. Winners will be listed on the Blog each day so you can check there to see if you're the King of the slots.

Bingo G's 90 ball special sees £2011 up for grabs each day between 3pm and Midnight in the 90 Ball Linked Room, that's a massive £62,341 given away over the month! In the 80 ball bingo hall the jackpots are set at £2011 which you can win if you bingo in 30 calls in these special bingo games which play every hour on the top of the hour.

Last but not least, play the 75 ball special where the aim of the game is to bingo on the 0, 1 and 2 to win £11 for the set. These bingo games run throughout the month in the 75 ball bingo hall, just pop in and try and catch a game when you can.

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