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By Asin Agrawal - November 22 2010

The beauty of guaranteed bingo games is that prize advertised is the prize which is won; this in itself makes these games popular as it is great to know what you are playing for in advance. Low cost tickets for guaranteed bingo games are even more in demand, as they quite simply provide brilliant value for money and Daily Express Bingo has a super guaranteed prize game playing on Saturday the 27th November for 10p per ticket and a prize of £1000.

While there are many sites in the UK which offer big guaranteed prize games for low cost bingo tickets, one has to remember that these are also the most popular bingo sites. The more popular a site is the more players will be trying to get in with a chance to win and this means the prize becomes more difficult to win. For example, if on the 27th November, Daily Express Bingo is offering this game for 10p tickets and 300 people play, it is a better option to get into this game than a similar game at a more popular site, where perhaps 1000 players are competing for the same prize. This is something to bear in mind when playing online bingo and when choosing a site.

We all want to be a member of the most popular site, but we reckon that players should be a member at more than one site in order to have the best chance to win. Play both the popular and the less popular and if you are more of a jackpot chaser than a social player, see how it goes at both sites. Daily Express has tons of other bingo bargains up for grabs, and who knows, if you try it, you might like it?! Also check out the Arcade & Casino Tournament, Night Time Bingo, Fair Play Bingo and Free Bingo Games.

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