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By Asin Agrawal - July 17 2015

From now on at Spectra Bingo you can get more for your money every single month. The online bingo site is now running a top quality loyalty plan, and it is one which has a lot of treats in store for you, if you happen to be a member of their online bingo domain.

Loyalty Levels

Spectra Bingo now features four loyalty levels with players starting out on the Bingo Rookie level. Earning up to 599 Jewels will see you move to the Bingo Pro level, before claiming up to 2,399 puts you on the Bingo Master level. Finally if you earn more than 2,400 Jewels, you’ll be a Bingo Champ member of Spectra Bingo.

Perks Galore

Each new level brings its own perks. Reaching the Bingo Pro level for instance, offers a 5% bingo bonus cash back offer as well as 5 free spins and 2 tickets to the Big £10K Game, valued at £20 in all. This is as opposed to the Master level, which offers 10% cashback, 10 free spins, 5 tickets to the Big £10K Game, as well as 5% cashback bonuses for side-games. Reach the pinnacle (Champ), and you’ll land 15% cashback on bingo, 10% cashback on games, 15 free spins, and 10 free tickets worth £100 to The Big £10K Game.

Free Bingo Rooms

Players will also qualify to play in one of four excellent free bingo rooms depending on the level of loyalty they attain. The lowest level (Rookie) offers £1 jackpot games every 8 minutes, from 9am-6pm. When you reach the highest level you can play in £150 jackpot games on Fridays at 8pm.

Sign Up Today

If you aren’t yet a member of Spectra Bingo, you can sign up today and participate in their great loyalty bonus. New players will get a 100% bonus on the house, worth up to £100 when they make their maiden deposit.

Spectra Bingo

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