Get ready for lift-off at Moon Bingo

By Asin Agrawal - October 26 2010

The games at Moon Bingo are ready to sky-rocket your winnings into the stratosphere there are so many games to play and lots of BIG prizes to be won. Start of your play at this bingo site with an astronomical £35 freebie on them – they give you £5 FREE instantly when you register. Then as a newbie a 300% first deposit bonus is all yours. With a deposit of £10 the first time around, your welcome gift totals an out of this world £35 completely FREE. Hurry up and get yours now, before this all changes!

How about playing Payday Bingo – who doesn't want to get paid more at the end of the month? This mega monthly game offers an incredible prize of up to £10,000 with £2,000 minimum prize guaranteed, this in itself is extraordinary. Check it out on the last Friday of the month at 10pm, the bingo tickets only cost 30p each! 30p for a chance to win £10,000 or even £2,000, is pretty spectacular too. Start deciding now what you want to buy with your Payday Bingo prize; you know what the power of positive thinking can do!

If you fancy a treasure hunt and who doesn't? The Treasure Trove is the game for you, this is a £100 guaranteed game with an additional prize of £100 which is the treasure. Hunt for it on Wednesday at 9pm, the bingo tickets on sale only cost 10p for this game. Play Prize is Right, it's a deal, it’s a steal, but it is always a brilliant prize, these prizes are all kinds of dynamic digital products.

These bingo games and a whole lot more like them makes playing at Moon Bingo such an awesome bingo encounter of the special kind, playing here is one small leap for bingo, one giant leap for bingo-kind.

Moon Bingo - Limited Offer
Moon Bingo – Limited Offer – Play Now

Moon Bingo

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