Get Your Share Of The Love At Bob’s Bingo This Month

By Asin Agrawal - February 6 2015

Hello, Bob here. This month, I’d like to express how much you mean to me and my bingo site. To show my love, I’ve drafted together some of the hottest Valentine’s Day promotions on the net. All you have to do is make sure you’re playing with Bob’s Bingo this February. If you aren’t yet, how does a £15 welcome bonus for joining us, suit you?

Valentine’s Jackpots

Every day this month, they’ll be a Daily Jackpot Lounge game taking place, which up to £250 in cash prizes available, at 12am. Bob’s Bingo will also be hosting a weekly Mega Jackpot game every Monday at 5pm, which has a pot worth £500. Finally, they’ll be a Super Jackpot game on March 1, which is worth up to £1,000 in cash. You can get tickets to these great games, right now.

Simply deposit £10 or more to start earning tickets to all three events. You can find a full list of all of the many ways that I am offering you tickets, by visiting our promotional page, for more info on the Valentine’s Jackpots promo.

Made for Each Other

Bob’s Bingo and you are made for each other. To show you how much you mean to me, this month I’ll be offering you a Made for Each Other promotion. This promo will unite couples together. Simply contact Live Help at Bob’s Bingo this month, and get your partner to register with us, too. Once your partner and loved one is registered as a player at Bob’s Bingo, I’ll give you a sweet 25% bonus on whatever your partner deposits throughout this month. How’s that for romantic?

You can search high and low, but nobody does Valentine’s Day like Bob’s Bingo. Get your hands on the hottest Valentine’s Day promotions on the net, by playing at Bob’s Bingo this February.




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