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By Peter X - December 30 2010

If you have had a look at RedBus Bingo and you fancy this site to call your online bingo home from home, then you will be making a very good choice. One of the best reasons to register is that they offer so many exciting games and loads of changing promotions – but one of the best things by far has to be the newbies pass to travel they offer.

This pass may give you 2000% on top of your initial deposit when you register as a new member, at the very least it gives you 200%. What happens is you register and get the form completed, then, you decide what deposit to make. This amount can be as little as a fiver or as much as £100. Make the deposit and you may then scratch the RedBus Bingo Scratchcard to disclose your lucky bonus. If it happens to be 2000% then even on a £5 deposit, your bonus bucks will be a massive £100! On a £100 deposit, this will be a mahoosive £2000, and if that is not a good start for a newbie, we honestly don't know what is!

One of the games which may prevent you from registering with RedBus Bingo is the fact that the next Joy Pot game plays at Posh Bingo. Now you may still earn Joy points for free bingo tickets but these will only qualify you for tickets for the next Joy Pot which plays at RedBus Bingo on the 29th April 2011. Anyone wanting to play in the Posh Bingo Joy Pot game which is offering £30,000 as a prize, needs to register and buy these tickets right now at Posh Bingo only! But RedBus and Posh belong to the same Joy of Bingo network, and what could be better than being a member of one of these sites?  Being a member of both!

RedBus Bingo (NEW)
RedBus Bingo (NEW) – Play Now

Red Bus Bingo

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