Glastonbury 2016 Headliners Ranked

By Ben Barker - March 8 2016

Glastonbury marks the Summer Solstice and, for some, the official start of the British summer festival season. At the time of writing, the full line-up has yet to be announced, but Muse, Coldplay, ELO, and PJ Harvey are confirmed. Here is a rundown of 15 of the most exciting acts that music fans and pundits hope will play Glastonbury in 2016, including the tastiest picks from the rumour mill.


1. Adele. According to NME, bookmakers are offering 5/1 odds that Adele will perform at Glastonbury this year. If she does, she will be the biggest selling artist on show, and arguably the one with the broadest fan-base.


2. Coldplay (confirmed). The biggest band in the world are headlining (probably) the best festival in the world. This is their fourth time topping the bill, and it will be huge. The biggest band in the world are headlining (probably) the best festival in the world. This is their fourth time topping the bill, and it will be huge.


3. Muse (confirmed). Like Glastonbury itself, Muse are a British institution. Edgy but with mainstream appeal, they can be relied on to wow the crowd.


4. PJ Harvey (confirmed). Veteran rock chick and all-round musical genius Polly Jean Harvey consistently produces surprising, original, and catchy tunes, all in her own unique style.

5. ZZ Top. Classic US hair metal with saxophone – what’s not to like? Famously, the only band member without a beard is called Frank Beard. A must-see, if confirmed.

6. Sigur Ros. Many, many people will be over the moon to be able experience the ethereal, abstract yet heart-rending sound of Iceland’s best-loved band ringing out across the festival site.

7. New Order. Rumour has it that the mighty New Order will be headlining the Other Stage on Saturday. Having produced intelligent and innovative tunes for over 30 years, Hooky and the lads are a welcome addition to the line-up.

8. Bring Me The Horizon. These youthful metallers are rumoured to be headlining the Other Stage on Sunday. If confirmed, they will be one of the rockier acts to perform at this year’s festival.

9. The Stone Roses. The Telegraph quotes 2/1 odds that the Stone Roses will play Glastonbury this year. The ‘Madchester’ band reformed in 2011 and are gaining new fans as well as keeping the old ones.

10. Prince. He recently released his 39th studio album in less than forty years, and shows no signs of slowing down. Fans and newbies alike will flock to watch him funk it up at Glastonbury.


11. AC/DC. The definitive Aussie metal band has never really gone away, despite an eventful musical career spanning five different decades. AC/DC will add a welcome dash of hot sauce to the Glastonbury line-up.


12. Foo Fighters. The Foos were due to play in 2015, but Dave Grohl had to cancel after he fell off stage at a gig in Sweden and broke his leg. Therefore, they owe Glasto a headline set.

13. Blur. Some sources have speculated that Blur may not play this year, with Damon Albarn’s other project Gorillaz potentially appearing in 2017. Blur fans of old will be keen to see how their new material plays out live on stage.

14. Radiohead. Thom Yorke and co have headlined Glastonbury twice before, so it would not be too surprising if another headline slot was lined up for 2016.

15. Miley Cyrus. Glastonbury has a history of presenting audiences with the unexpected. It’s a long shot, but Miley onstage would certainly fulfil that particular niche.


For the full lineup click here.


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