Go Back to Stone Age With Live Callers at Love Bingo

By Vicky Duncalf - January 21 2014

Fly high with the Jackpot Genie

If you’re looking for magical and marvellous free new bingo sites, then Love Bingo will get your heart racing. On 29 January at 9 PM, a very handsome stranger flies in to the Cafe, called the Jackpot Genie. He has some seriously impressive prizes under his turban, and you can win them when you play his five line game. One line and two lines will bag you £250, the three and four line prize is £500, and the full house prize is an enormous £2500. But that ain’t all – the Genie has a further 20 x £50 prizes stashed under that turban, making it one of the biggest nights anywhere in the industry.


Go back to the Stone Age

Hang out with the live presenters every Wednesday night, and you’ll find yourself going back in time to the Stone Age. Things were more simple then, and you’ll just love the simple deals – buy 30 cards and get 30 free, which equates to 60 Stone Age tickets for 60p. Look out for hilarious Stone Age games as well such as Dingo Bingo, Spark Bingo, and Unga Bunga.


Fastest Finger First

Once a month, roomies warm up their finger muscles to win a share of £600 in cash. If you are the fastest depositor on the hour, you’ll win £50 in cash. This runs throughout the day, so it’s quite possible that you can win multiple times. It pays to be precise.


Free Daily Scratchcard

All players receive a special gift at Love Bingo, in the form of a free daily scratchcard. Okay, so it’s not one of the most generous scratchcards – the top prize is £100, but it’s better than a poke in the eye. The scratchcard has a mysterious City of Atlantis theme – dive beneath the waves and see if a fortune awaits.


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