Grab a Grand at Bingo Cove tomorrow!

By Becky Mosley - May 31 2013


Play at Bingo Cove tomorrow, June 1, and you could be grabbing a grand. Oh yes roomies, it's the legendary Grab a Grand game which takes place on the first day of every month, and it's buy one ticket get one ticket free. You don't even have to be online to win – it's the ultimate in fun and convenience. What a perfect start to June – you can treat yourself to a summer holiday if you get lucky.

Car or cash?
Now here's a tough question for you – which would you rather have – £5000 in cash, or brand-new 5mart Car? Well, if you play BingoCove on August 1 at 8 PM, you could be having to make this tricky decision for yourself. There are three ways to win free tickets – call a full house on the number 5, cover the CAR pattern, or cover the letters that spell out the word C A R.

Remember the sunshine?
Sadly, it seems most of us have forgotten what the sun looks like, but if you play at BingoCove, you're sure to get a decent dose of vitamin D…and even win a holiday to the Caribbean. If you're a Gold or Platinum VIP, you could be winning a 10 day all-inclusive holiday a luxury Caribbean resort, and £1000 spending cash in your pocket. This exciting game plays on July 11 at 8 PM in the Caribbean Room, and if you purchase 10 tickets, you'll get another 15 free.

It's written in the stars…
Every month at the Cove, there's a £1111 Zodiac game. This time round, it's on June 20, and if your birthday's this month, you'll get 10 free tickets.

Double your cash
Sign now for your first deposit bonus of £10, then it's time to enjoy fun in the Sun and hopefully some big rewards…


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