Grab a Grand on the15th with Sexy Shoes Bingo

By Asin Agrawal - June 12 2015

It might not be the most conventional name for an online bingo site, but Sexy Shoes Bingo is most certainly a name you will remember. The online bingo site is hosting a range of awesome promotions this month, such as their Grab a Grand offer which takes place in about a week’s time. Let’s find out more.

Grab a Grand

Sexy Shoes Bingo’s Grab a Grand promotion takes place on June 15 (as well as the fifteenth of every month), and is a buy one get one free bingo game. This means that for every ticket you buy, you will be given one free ticket to the bingo game. This double your chance of winning offer is a steal. If you haven’t figured it out already, players can win as much as £1,000 in this bingo game, with tickets being dirt cheap to buy at just 50p a pop.

Buy One Get One Free

Players can bag up to a maximum of 48 tickets for this bingo game, which is played at 20.00 GMT on the nights in question.

Lots More Offers

The Grab a Grand offer isn’t the only promotion on the fly over at Sexy Shoes Bingo, though. In fact there are a number of other top offers you can claim, which include Zodiac Bingo, the £777 Lucky Jackpot, the 2 Million Races, Sure Win bingo, The Big £10,000 game, and the Spin-tastic free spins offer. More information about these lucrative deals can be found over at Sexy Shoes Bingo on their promotions page.

Join Today

If you aren’t yet signed up to play at Sexy Shoes Bingo, then there’s a chance you’ll miss out on the Grab a Grand offer. Make sure you don’t by joining Sexy Shoes Bingo and claiming a welcome bonus worth £15, when you deposit just a tenner today.

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