Grab your sunscreen and hat and play at Mecca Bingo

By Asin Agrawal - January 6 2011

Kick starting your New Year with Mecca Bingo means playing in some super special free bingo games which only feature on Sunday. Admittedly it is not cheap to get into these games but the last game to play every Sunday evening in the "Departure Lounge" could see you packing your sunscreen and that new bikini you couldn't resist last summer and have not worn yet, and winging your way to a luxury break in the sun.

If you are keen to escape the big freeze, then play at Mecca Bingo from Monday to Thursday each week. Then, between Monday and Thursday, spend £50 on bingo tickets and the special "Departure Lounge" bingo room will open for you on a Sunday at 8pm. This is a private free bingo room, which has been a regular feature at Mecca Bingo for quite some time, on and off. It features free bingo with Superbooks games, which means bingo tickets may be upgraded so that the size of the cash prize is multiplied. The prices for these will be published at the time of playing.

When the last bingo game plays on Sunday 9th January, 16th January, 23rd January and Sunday 30th January, a £2000 holiday is given away. Plus the winner gets the cash prize in that game too, which just means more spending money. And speaking of spending money, once you return from your fun in the sun and bring back some pics, publish a story and upload the pics for the Mecca Bingo winners page and they will reimburse you for £250 of the cash that you spend!

There are tons of great new promotions coming to this bingo site for the New Year and if this is any indication of what we are in for – roll on 2011, I can hardly wait!

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