Grand Slam Bonuses at Bingo G

By Dani Lee - June 27 2010

Bingo G has some fabulous bonuses on this month as part of their Grand Slam Bonuses promo which will run until the end of June. This offer is available to all funded players whatever your budget. Deposits of between £10 and £19 will get 150% Flat Bonus, £20 to £29 will get 250% Flat Bonus and £30 to £39 will get 300% Flat Bonus. If you spend between £40 and £49 there’s 300% Flat Bonus plus 20% Cash Back and spend between £50 and £99 for 325% Flat Bonus and 35% Cash Back.

There’s a 90 ball Match Point special where players can get their hands on extra BB just for playing bingo. Any one line win is worth 1 point, two lines are worth 2 points and Full House wins are worth 3 points. For every 10 points you collect you’ll win £1 BB! You must be a funded player to take part and you can see how well, or badly, you’re doing by visiting the leader board on site.
Freeserve is the 80 ball special which gives you one free bingo game every hour in the 80 ball bingo hall. Until the end of June you can claim your 20 free bingo cards for the Freeserve games which play at the top of the hour every hour.

Racquets and Cheer is the 75 ball bingo offering from Bingo G and challenged you to collect tennis themed patterns to win BBs! The W, Racquets and Strawberry pattern games will take place every TOH (top of the hour) and you will win £15BBs for every 3 patterns (a set) you collect. There’s a leader board for this offer too so you will always be able to find out how you’re doing and how close you are to winning those BBs.


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