A Guide to Transitioning From the Bingo Hall to Online Bingo

By Ben Barker - March 30 2016


For anyone that was unaware, the way in which bingo is played in the UK and across the world has changed, with the introduction of online bingo resulting in an influx of the number of players.


Despite the excitement of traditional bingo, more and more people are moving online. But what is needed to transition successfully from the bingo hall to the world of online bingo?


The fundamental difference between the way people are playing bingo is that that rather than sitting in a hall at a certain time, adhering to a dress code and having to listen and mark every number during a game, online players get to sit in front of a screen in their own time and play.


Another significant difference with this format of bingo is that playing online means that those taking part get online bingo cards. Numbers are flashed on-screen and everything from number marking to winning combinations is done on the screen. While in traditional bingo competitors must use bingo markers, some online servers offer automatic number markers, meaning that you don’t need to worry if you miss your number or if you don’t hear the last draw.


Some sites also feature auto-play which allows the player to leave their screen for a period, but the auto-play feature still ensures that their card is kept up to date.


While your local bingo hall may play one or perhaps two types of bingo, online bingo offers a vast range of games to play and experiment with. Rather than just the traditional version of bingo, online also offers 75, 80 and a vast number of other types of the game. Such games can offer a higher prize. As well as this, local halls are often restricted by the space available and the number of games that can be played; however, regardless of when you opt to play, there is always a game to feature in online.


One of the major differences with online bingo in comparison to traditional bingo is the promotions and the sizeable winnings that are frequently offered. Many sites offer free games if you do not win a game, or match the initial funds you put into your account. However, unlike traditional bingo halls, online bingo is constantly driven by rising competition, thus they tend to offer more than traditional halls.


A major concern for those that play bingo in the traditional sense is that by playing online they may lose the social aspect of the event, with many worried that they would not be able to talk to other players or their friends. However, the vast majority of online bingo halls offer a chat service to allow you to communicate and discuss the game with like-minded individuals.
In your transition from traditional to online bingo, you will need an internet connection and an account on a site. You will not need to adhere to any formal dress codes, bring any equipment or go to your local bingo hall. You can simply sign up and enjoy playing online bingo from the comfort of your own home.

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