Have a Girl’s Night In with 888Ladies Bingo

By Dani Lee - October 5 2010

888Ladies Bingo is inviting all of their online bingo players to have a Girl’s Night In with them which includes the chance to win £90K in weekly jackpot prizes.
They have an all new jackpot schedule which gives players 30% more winnings each week guaranteed! The new schedule boats free bingo games round the clock as well as cheap bingo cards and big, big wins!
Staying in, could be the new ‘going out’ if 888Ladies Bingo carries on like this. On Fridays they offer a Colossal £50,000 Jackpot in their weekly sliding jackpot game which costs just £1 to play. The fun begins at 10pm on Friday nights ad there’s a minimum guaranteed prize of £2500.
In addition to juicy jackpots 888Ladies Bingo also has £500 in pampering vouchers up for grabs in the special Vouchers Room. You could walk away ‘Polished Head to Toe’ with Boots vouchers to spend on smellies or ‘Midnight Nosh’ which are M&S vouchers you could spend on food, champers and a pair of comfy pjs if you so desire. ‘Bingo on the Big Screen’ gives players vouchers for Comet so you could treat yourself to a new laptop or some other fancy gadget!
Every day Fortune Cookie will make one call to 1 Roomie at 8pm on the dot. If you’ve deposited and played through £20 between Monday and Wednesday you need to answer the phone ‘I’m an 888lady’ and you could win £50. Gold Ladies need to keep an ear out for the phone on Thursdays if they have dpeosit4ed and played through £40 during the week as Fortune Cookie might call up with £100 for you. Let’s just hope if your phone rings and you say you’re an 888lady it’s not someone else!


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