Holidays Up For Grabs At Posh Bingo

By Peter X - September 29 2010

One holiday has just been given away at Posh Bingo and there are some more holiday vouchers to go when the Posh Jetsetter game takes place. On Sunday the 19th September, one lucky winner got a prize of £1 000 worth of Paris Disneyland Resort Vouchers; she will be taking her husband and daughter with her. I'll bet they are happy their wife and mother plays online bingo! She also won £500 in spending money, so I will wager on what they will be doing for the October mid-term break.
Now it is time to aim for the prize in Posh Jetsetter if you want to take a break and have your online bingo pay for it. This game has £2 500 worth of vouchers up for grabs and no primary destination for the winners to spend them. So, if it's Tokyo, Rome or New York, where ever the winner wants to go, they can use these vouchers to pay for their travel needs. Posh Jetsetter plays on the 24th October and this is a Sunday night at 9:45pm. You may pre-purchase your bingo tickets now if you like or perhaps even earn some of these free. Simply exchange 500 points for 1 bingo ticket and you can find out how to earn your free bingo tickets into this game at the site.
Posh Bingo always has loads of different prizes and games playing and you should check them all out – don't miss a trick. They are one of the best bingo sites in the UK for big prize games and they play virtually every day. Right now they are giving away an additional £120 worth of shopping vouchers every week, on top of everything else. There is also a risk free £10K being played across all Joy of Bingo sites, with £3K for 3p up for grabs at Posh on the 16th October at 10pm.

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