How to improve your chances of winning online bingo

By Kat Kynes - September 30 2015

If you’ve decided that you would like to try playing online bingo, then you will probably be excited about the chances that you have to win lots of money on the various games that are on offer. It is true, many people do win big playing bingo online, however it is important that you maximise your chances, and use any hints and tips to help you along the way. The handy hints below should help you to make a start, and to give you the little bits of information you need to improve your chances of being a winner.

Bingo Balls

Enable email alerts

From time to time, there will be promotions or special events, and this means that you will have even more chances to win than before. In order to make sure that you don’t miss out on these events, you should always set your email preferences so that you will be notified when things are happening that interest you. Often, for example, there are free games on certain days, or some days where you will get a bonus if you add more money into your account.

Find the best game for you

Depending on your own personal tastes, some bingo games will suit you better than others. If you enjoy the game you’re playing, then you’re much more likely to have the staying power to play until you win, so this is important. There may be some games with fewer numbers in play, meaning that they will end more quickly, or games with bonus rounds in between claims, and these could give you the chance to win even more money.

Find the best time to play

The best time to play largely depends on the demographic of the website. If the website is mainly aimed at mums who have children at school, then a quiet time would be between 8-9am when parents would be taking the children to school. Although prize money might be less when there are fewer players in the game, it gives you a greater chance to win the money that is available, and overall this should boost your ultimate winning potential.

Gamble on the big jackpots

Although your chances of winning a big jackpot might be relatively small, it is still much higher than it would be if you were entering something like a national lottery draw. With this being the case, it is often worth buying a small number of tickets for these bigger games, as you may just be the lucky winner when it matters. Big games are held at different times depending on the website, with some running large jackpots every hour, and others holding out for an incredible jackpot at the end of each month.

Overall, by being clever about which games you play and when you play them, you should find that you are able to increase your chances of winning. Tell us your thoughts on Twitter at @bestoffersbingo and follow our Facebook page for our latest social media competitions!

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