How to spell fun – A S T R O B I N G O!

By Asin Agrawal - January 15 2011

Christmas might be over and done for some, but there is still tons up for grabs at this bingo site where the way to spell the word "fun" is Astro Bingo! They are still overcome by that tremendous spirit of giving which Christmas instills, so grab it while they are feeling generous and you can.

Last weekend they gave away a massive bonus of £100 for re-depositors of £35 or more. This was a one-off, but if I were you, I would continue looking out for fantastic deals like this, you never know what they might offer next weekend and in any case they also gave away 100% re-deposit bonuses over and above. So get on the bingo ball at Astro and don't miss out on anything you shouldn't.

The £5000 Frosty Snowman Challenge has started and will run from the 7th to the 30th January 2011. Snow packing is the name of the game and if you still enjoy that feeling you had as a child, of packing that snow for the perfect snowball, snow castle or snowman, you will love this game too. You can look at the winter from the half full perspective and instead of seeing it as a wet slushy freezing cold mess; see it through the eyes of a child as a winter wonderland! Better yet, see it through the eyes of Astro Bingo and the opportunity to win a share of a wonderful prize pool.

They are offering you the opportunity to bring your own snowman to life, including his "Corncob pipe" and magical "Top Hat". Play the latest "Challenge" Games in Lucky Streak and Money Tree which play twice an hour between designated times and earn your Frosty Snowman badge. This bingo site also gives you the opportunity to win a cool cash prize of £750 – not a bad reward for playing in snow that won't freeze your fingers, toes and nose off!

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