Bingo News: It’s official, women are happier than men!

By Becky Mosley - July 22 2008

A survey carried out in the UK of 10,000 people recently confirmed that women are in fact happier than men.

The women that took part in the survey felt more fulfilled and optimistic. They felt they were able to relax and chill out and play online bingo whenever they want to. Sounds good to me girls! What do you reckon?

As women are able to multi-task this allows them to focus on more than one thing at once, and gives more time and freedom to enjoy life. Free time to play extra online bingo perhaps ladies?

Men felt that they had to be the families provider, and tended to base their self-worth on how much money they earn. It’s easy for men to feel depressed during their retirement years as they feel their role is over as they can no longer provide. From there the grumpy old man is born!