It’s Too-Cool-For-School at Posh Bingo!

By Asin Agrawal - February 22 2011

Are you looking forward to the mid-term mayhem; it always happens with school holidays! The kiddies are at home all day long and with the weather still being not so great, you might need to escape for some time of your own. Posh Bingo has planned things perfectly with half term promotions in a class of their own – these deserve some gold stars! It all started yesterday and ends on Sunday the 27th, so make the most of it all while you can.

There are doubled-up jackpots in the Posh Ton, these bingo games play every day with a jackpot prize of £100 guaranteed. For this week and this week alone, the prizes are doubled to £200 daily. Not only do the winners cash-in in these games, but even 1TG players get to share £20 instead of the usual £10; while bingo tickets remain priced at 10p. Play on any Posh Bingo pattern at all for the duration of the week and the player who bingos the most as well as the biggest instant game wagerer will each win £50. Just enough to take the kids out and enjoy an exciting UK attraction (you can't play bingo every day!).

Earn double chat points in all Posh Bingo hosted rooms and join in with the fun with Leanne. She is going to be doing a kids TV & cartoon trivia quiz, and if this sounds like fun, find her in the Cocktail Club and earn some serious JP's! They are also giving away DVD's of the Brockman family antics – these are hysterical! They have the Outnumbered Series 1-3 as well as the Xmas Special and are giving two sets away. They are even throwing in a DVD player for each of the winners too! Bingo the most on the House pattern or wager the most on the Noughts & Crosses IG to win (this is a special for next weekend, 24-27 Feb).

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