It’s unbelievable at Jackpot Joy Bingo!

By Peter X - November 28 2010

When Jackpot Joy Bingo player, Lucy first saw the diamonds lined up on the left side of the Diamond Bonanza Slot while she was playing, she thought to herself "that must be worth a lot of money" and when she looked down to see how much that figure was, she actually though she was dreaming. She says she pinched herself, whether this was literally or figuratively we don't actually know, but nevertheless, she finally realized she had just become another big winning at Jackpot Joy Bingo. The amount she won in this chic 1920s themed slot was £10,254! Lucy says, the winning is not only about the money it is about the feeling of victory. You could also land a life changing jackpot playing this game, the current PJP stands at £31,867.50.

Jackpot Joy Bingo has been an incredibly successful online bingo site, ever since they launched to the UK audience. They have got what it takes to appeal and work hard to understand the importance of offering lucrative and regularly changing, fun-to-play promotions. Some bingo sites just don't get it and I can't understand why as it’s such a simple formula, you even find it in the Bible, "give more to receive more". Online bingo players are a sophisticated audience and that is why they flock to sites that GIVE MORE, sites like Jackpot Joy.

There are free bingo games playing every day in the Cloud, Emerald and Tiki rooms, and £30,000 worth of Super Jackpots taking place, with big prize money on Sundays. Last Week Diane H won a holiday to Mexico (a 5 Star trip) and this week a trip to Las Vegas is being given away. Need we say any more? Jackpot Joy – it's unbelievable!

Jackpotjoy Bingo
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Jackpotjoy Bingo

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