ITV Bingo Home of 50K in Guaranteed Cash Jackpots Each Week

By Vicky Duncalf - May 14 2012

Ready to meet the stars, celebrities, and friendly faces of ITV Bingo? Sign today and you are welcomed with a £20 deposit bonus when you deposit £10. It's as quick and easy as filling in your account details, and signing up to play – a free £20? It can only be ITV Bingo.

Now then, now then, now then – ITV Bingo is the home of £50,000 in Guaranteed Cash Games every week. These take place every half an hour between midday and midnight, giving you lots of opportunities to get your hands on a superstar VIP cash prize.

One of the glittering highlights of the bingo schedule at ITV Bingo is a £5000 game every Saturday. Get your eyes down at 9 PM – we advise you fire up the TV, get ITV on, and prepare to win big with ITV Bingo on the laptop.

ITV Bingo have just introduced more ways to win as well – you can now test your luck and win a whole heap of cash if you finish a game with 1 TG or 2 TG. Just look out for the special symbols outside the game room, and once you are inside, click the tabs above the jackpot to find out how much you could win.

It's all go at ITV Bingo – sign today to claim your free cash.

ITV Bingo – Play Now

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