Jackpot Joy Christmas Chance Cards

By Becky Mosley - November 27 2009

If you’re a fan of Monopoly then you’ll know there’s no game without the Chance Cards and at Jackpot Joy when you take part in Play, Collect, Win your Chance cards are emailed direct to your inbox!

Make sure you open your promotional emails from Jackpot Joy which are sent on a weekly basis as they may contain a Chance Card inside and you will have already nabbed yourself some cash, properties or free bingo cards!

So don’t get into the gaming spirit and make sure you’re opening all of your Jackpot Joy emails and you might just scoop some fab Play, Collect, Win prizes and you wont know if you don’t open those emails!

The Play, Collect, Win Game offers a Guaranteed £100 cash prize and you’ll win cash for collecting sets of cards with an added £50 bonus if you own the whole lot by Christmas so that’s an incentive to start collecting those cards! Every £20 you bet at JackpotJoy will earn you a new property card so it couldn’t be easier to collect them, just get spending!

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