Jackpotjoy in trouble with the Advertising Standards Authority

By Becky Mosley - August 21 2011

Online bingo players have been left less than impressed by an advertising campaign put on by Jackpotjoy Bingo. In fact, a complaint has been raised with the Advertising Standards Authority so Jackpotjoy have them on their case as well as a few disgruntled customers.

A few months back Jackpotjoy advertised a new promotion called the Star of Joy. The new feature was swiftly removed from the site but nobody ever knew why and Jackpotjoy failed to comment on it's withdrawal. The Star of Joy gave players extra cash and bonus prizes in addition to their 200% first deposit bonus.

One player had seen the advert for the Star of Joy which boasted up to £10,000 for each new player who spun the Star of Joy. When they visited the site to take advantage of this pretty impressive offer, they couldn't find it so they complained about the advert, as it gave the impression that all new players would win a guaranteed prize and this was regardless of whether a first deposit had been made. It turned out players could pick up a free prize but this may be bonus and would only be awarded once a deposit had been made.

Jackpotjoy defended themselves stating that the promotion was a lottery styled offer and there was no set number of prizes and that the terms were clearly set out in the advert. Unfortunately for them the Advertising Standards Agency disagreed and upheld the complaint as the promotion wasn't accurately described. Hopefully Jackpotjoy won't make the same mistake again.

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