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By Asin Agrawal - March 11 2015

Loyalty bonuses are usually found in online casino and slot sites. Mile High Bingo is aiming to change all of that, though, with their March Loyalty Plan offer. This March, all players at the online bingo site will be able to pocket loyalty points when playing games, which can then be used to land some pretty groovy gear.

Loyalty Bonus Promotion

This month – and this month only – Mile High Bingo will be running a loyalty bonus promotion which can see you land more than decent sums of cash. For every £1 that you deposit, you’ll land 12 jewels, and the jewel count will be updated every 24 hours. Not having any jewels at all makes you a bingo rookie. Having up to 599 jewels makes you a Bingo Pro player, whilst having up to 2,399 jewels makes you a Bingo Master. Of course, if you have more than 2,400 jewels, you’ll be a Bingo Champ.

But what’s the point of all these levels? Well, let us tell you.

Extra Bonuses This Month

Bingo Pro players will get an extra 5% cashback this month, as well as 5 free spins on slots, and 2 free tickets to the BIG £10K Game, which takes place in March. Each ticket is valued at £20. Bingo Master players will get 10% cash back, as well as a 5% games cashback bonus, 10 free spins and 5 tickets to the BIG £10K Game. These tickets are valued at £50.

Champion Player Bonus

If you happen to end up a Bingo Champ player this month, you’ll get 15% cashback on bingo games, as well as 10% cashback on non-bingo games. You will also pocket 15 free spins, and 10 tickets to the BIG £10K Game, which are valued at £100 in all.

Loyalty goes a long way with Mile High Bingo, and if you play with them this month, you’ll be loyal friends forever.

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