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By Asin Agrawal - December 5 2010

You know I thought I knew everything there was to know about the Tombola Bingo site but you really never stop learning and there are always all kinds of little nooks and crannies we sometimes tend to neglect. I was reading up on the winners,  I love the winner’s stories at this bingo site, they follow up on them properly and keep them well updated. Anyway I was reading about one Cinco winner who had won £4 with Play Mates and decided to try her luck with this money on Cinco – she decided right, her luck was in and she won a massive £20,000 cash. So, let's find out more about Play Mates shall we?

Basically you invite a friend to play at Tombola Bingo and the site rewards you for this. That friend names you as their Play Mate when they register and if they spend £25 or more you receive a free fiver. Every time they win £20 or more, you win a £1 Play Mates bonus. If they win a £50 or more jackpot; you win a £5 Play Mates bonus and the more they win, the more Play Mates bonus you earn too!

You are also able to invite as many friends as you like and they are all able to nominate you as a Play Mate. You can choose your own Play Mates too and when you win, they win, even if you are an existing member of Tombola Bingo you are still able to choose your Play Mates and you can find out more on how to do this at the site. Make sure you choose carefully because you can only change your Play Mates once, but what a great way to win even more money this is? As "katrina171" from East Mailing found out to her absolute joy!

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