Kitty Bingo slots game spreads double the joy!

By Asin Agrawal - November 30 2012

Kitty Bingo has recently made two very happy players jump with joy; or more specifically one of their online slot games has. Two thousand eight hundred and eighty eight pounds poured of brand new online bingo site Kitty Bingo’s slot games over the weekend split between two very lucky and overjoyed players.

A player from Kent who goes by K.C. picked up a total of one thousand, eighty hundred and eighty six pounds by wagering only a fiver on Cashapillar slots. K.C. had no problem working her way across the five reeled and one hundred pay line slot game to bag and unprecedented thirteen wild symbols. This in turn made seventy of her one hundred pay lines cough up the amazing sum of money in a single spin of the reels.

The second player to scoop big money was a player known as K.B. based in Belfast. The Lost Slot of Riches was this player’s machine of choice as they wagered a mere two pounds fifty on the mini slot game. Walking away with one thousand and two pounds on the five reeled; twenty five pay line slot machine game was almost as remarkable an achievement as the first player had done.

Whilst the Lost Slot of Riches isn’t very widely known, one can expect a big turnout in future following news of K.B.’s success. On the other hand, Cashapillar is one of the most commonly played slots in the online gambling world. Cashapillar slots, is themed after the title character’s one hundredth birthday, containing both wild and scatter symbols. Generally, most people play Cashapillar at higher stakes, but with K.C.’s win, one can imagine a sudden influx of lower end of the table wagers to be coming soon.

Either way this is great news for Kitty Bingo. Kitty Bingo only recently opened for business and such a tremendous double pay out with low wagers is great publicity for the blossoming online bingo site and its slots, which is predicted to be one of the online gambling sensations of the year.


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