Ladbrokes Bingo Big Hollywood Boulevard Winner!

By Becky Mosley - October 19 2010

Walking down Hollywood Boulevard has become as easy as playing at Ladbrokes Bingo and one lucky winner just walked this road on what was obviously her lucky day. She went away a massive £14,516.42 richer and "weeeeeeeeweee" who won it, went weeeeeeeeweee all the way to the bank. This is a bingo slots mini game which is a 20 line five reel slot; it also features a progressive jackpot which grows in size every day. Although this prize has been decimated to the tune of £14.5K, there is still enough in it for you to have your lucky day. The PJP currently is still £28,300, so give it a go and you never know, you could be singing weeeeeeeeweee all the way to the bank too. Find this bingo game in the lobby.

Play with pennies at Ladbrokes Bingo and you will soon be turning these into pounds, it is the most fun you can have making lots of money from only a few little pennies. Penny games play at this site daily except on a Tuesday when Cheap Tickets Tuesdays plays. You will find them in the Attic room starting with 1p tickets from 1pm for a £10 prize pool, 2p tickets from 2pm for a £20 prize pool, 3p tickets from 3pm for a £30 prize pool and 4p tickets from 4pm for a £40 prize pool. And just as much fun on Mondays and Tuesdays, you will also find BOGOF bingo.

For your very warm welcome to online bingo, look no further than Ladbrokes, they will give you a £20 Welcome Bonus when you simply deposit a minimum of £5. Complete the registration form and make a single deposit then, spend this on bingo tickets for the bonus to come your way.

Ladbrokes Bingo
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Ladbrokes Bingo

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