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By Becky Mosley - March 8 2010

The existing chat games at Ladbrokes Bingo already offer £1 prizes but you can now win extra cash in the all new chat games which play out between 10am and Midday and 3pm and 5pm in the Lounge. There’s also the new ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ chat game in the room of the same name between Midday and 2pm and 4pm and 5pm.

In the ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ game there’s ‘Fastest Finger First’ or FFF for short where the CM will pose a multiple choice question. After a countdown the first player to give the options in the right order will be crowned the winner.
If that sounds like fun then try ‘Ask the Audience’ the CM will once again pose a multiple choice question to the roomies, the fifth player to answer (correctly or not) will be put in ‘the seat’. A dramatic pause of around 20 seconds will follow and then the CM will ask the player in the seat if that’s their final answer and they want to stick with their choice or ‘Ask the Audience’.

The CM will announce just before the next game that there will then be a Bonus Game. The Full House winner of the current game will then go on to be in ‘the seat’. This Bonus Game is called ‘Phone a Friend’ and for good reason as the player in ‘the seat’ will have to choose a ‘friend’ from the chatroom who will have to answer a classic question with 4 answers to choose from. If they answer correctly the main player and ‘friend’ will both win a prize.

’50/50′ sees players using the call board to select a number between 1 and 90. When their chosen number and 50 are called, the first to shout 50/50 and their chosen number will win the bonus for that game. The bonus will be announced before the game starts so you will know exactly what you are playing for.

Anagrams is a great one to get the brain working as the CM will pose an anagram to the bingo roomies waiting for the first player to shout ‘Anagram’ and their guess. The first correct answer after the countdown from 5 to 1 will win the bingo bonus. The bonus will be announced before the game starts and you must shout ‘Anagram’ before your answer or it won’t count!

Birthday Bingo is pretty self explanatory, every player shouts their birthday in DD MM YY format and the CM will record them all. When the caller calls all three numbers of a player’s birthday they have to shout ‘It’s my birthday’ or ‘Birthday’ and their birth date. If your birth date has two of the same number in their birthday e.g.; 05/05/68 you have to pick another number to make the game fair.
Horse Race is based on the call board which has 6 rows with 15 numbers in each row. To play Horse Race, each player must pick a number from the top row of the numbers, 1 to 15. This number will be your horse, the horse wins a race if all 6 numbers from their column are called out by the caller. The Race Winners shouts ‘neighhh’ and their horse’s number to qualify. Horse Racing consists of lots of races played over an hour. At the end of the event 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded. Places are decided by how many races are won by each player so the player who won the most races in that hour would come 1st. The CM will announce the bonus to be won for each place at the beginning of the game, if some players have won equal numbers of games the prize will be shared out.

Karaoke Queen is great for you music lovers as all you have to do is be hot on your lyrics. The CM will say a line to a song, you need to shout ‘Karaoke’ and the name the song to be the winner. The bingo bonus will be awarded to the first correct answer and that amount will be announced before the game starts.

Quote me Silly is similar to the above chat game but this time a famous movie line will be delivered by the CM and the first player to name the film will be the winner, easy!

The CM will ask players to guess the top or most popular answer in a survey in the chat game ‘Survey’. If you know the answer you holler ‘Survey’ and the answer. The first person to correctly answer after the countdown from 5 to one will win the bonus which will have been announced before the game.

In ‘Trivia’, the CM will ask individual trivia questions, the first person to shout ‘Trivia Answer’ followed by the right answer will win the bonus which once again will be announced before the game kicks off.

So that’s the rather long list of chat games as offered by Ladbrokes Bingo, there’s lots of weird and wonderful games to keep you busy so pay Ladbrokes a visit and have a go for yourself.

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