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By Asin Agrawal - December 1 2010

When the members of a UK bingo site speak up, you had better be sure that site must listen. If they don't their members will migrate to sites where they can get a better deal. Ladbrokes Bingo members have been speaking up and they have been asking for reduced ticket prices as well as an increase for the maximum buy-in on the Ladbrokes Links games.

Reducing the ticket price is no skin of the sites nose because being able to purchase more tickets will make up for the cost of the prize anyway. So now you can pay 25p and buy a bingo ticket in the 9pm and 10pm Link Games which play on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is 50% less on the normal ticket price, so now you can get double the tickets for the same amount of money – this equals more chances to win. As well as being able to buy more tickets; this also equals even more chances to win!

Prize pools in these games range from £100 to £1500 when the Attic, Lounge and Bedroom link to offer bigger prize pools. These games also play during the week between 10am and midnight and they play on the hour. Except when the "Linx" games play, and this is a slightly different animal. Linx are the networked prize pool bingo games, so they play across the entire bingo network. "Link" games are specific to Ladbrokes and are linked throughout the rooms on that site only, which means only Ladbrokes members may play.

Ticket also just got cheaper in the Who Wants to be a Millionaire Bingo room and let’s face facts, everyone wants to be a millionaire. These bingo tickets are only 10p and prize pools can be anything up to £80! But if you call bingo in 17 calls, you can also win a million pounds but you’d need to be pretty jammy do this. While the chance of this happening is slim, at least Ladbrokes offers the chance.

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