Ladies and Gentlemen All Love Bloke Bingo

By Vicky Duncalf - September 3 2012

I just checked into Bloke Bingo, and even as a female, I was thoroughly impressed. Not only can you play all of your favourite games, but it’s a portal to lots of other cool things on the Internet, such as computer game reviews, the latest news, sports, and much more.

In the past, bingo used to be seen as a game for the ladies, but that’s all changing. New players are welcomed here with a £1 no deposit bonus, plus 50% on all reloads. The team here even have a heart, and give to a different charity every month. Gentleman on the lookout for free bingo games should head to the Room 2 for a raft of daily promotions. These include penny games, 1 TG and 2 TG cards, Superbooks, and a rowdy atmosphere like your favourite local on a Saturday night.

With edgy graphics, cool software, and regular iPod, DVD and computer console giveaways, Bloke Bingo is the perfect place to start your career, or if you are lady reading this, tell your bloke about it, because it really is too good to miss. The world needs more sites like this – now go claim that £1 free bonus and get down with the guys.

Bloke Bingo
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