Littlewoods Bingo players are going to be lucky on Wednesday Nights!

By Asin Agrawal - January 26 2011

Last month "SMOKERTJE40" and "MADRAIRUA" were lucky when they each won £500, which they shared as a one line prize. "NENA38" and "BLACKWOMAN13" got very lucky too, they won the same – £500 each on line 2. On 3 lines member "BRAENDER" won £1,000, and " KELLY21" won a £2,000 prize pot – no, not on the full house, this was the prize for 4 lines!! By the time they got to the full house in this game "MARISCAATJE" walked away with £5,000 bingo prize! This was MONSTER Bingo and this bingo game plays at Littlewoods Bingo again tonight at 9pm.

It is your turn to try your hand at winning £10,000, don't miss out on this monstrous pot – are you a member of Littlewoods Bingo? If you are not, don't you think it's time you joined up? Monster Bingo plays every month at this site, on the last Wednesday of the month, but this is not the only big bingo cash prize they give away. There is £5500 this Tuesday to help you pay your bills off for a year, and every Thursday night £5000 worth of prizes are given away in ten bingo games which play back to back, and each give away £500 guaranteed.

If you overindulged this Christmas and New Year and feel the serious need for a "new you", then this bingo site has the perfect detox sessions lined up for three lucky bingo players (and a partner). A lavish spa trip with your accommodation and breakfast will all be paid for by them! Just deposit and play as much as possible between now and the 31st January 2011, on whatever game catches your eye! Every £10 deposit and spend counts for one more entry into this draw.

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