LMAO Bingo Offers Valentine Jackpot To Their Players This Month

By Asin Agrawal - February 15 2015

LMAO Bingo is one of the newest bingo sites out there, and they want you to laugh with love this Valentine’s Day. For those of you who aren’t aware what LMAO means, it stands for, “Laugh My” – well, due to restrictions, we can’t really tell you what the next word means – but, the last word is “Off”.

Have A Great Valentines Day

When you get a look at the promos at LMAO Bingo this month, you will laugh yours off. Their Valentine’s Jackpots promotion is one of a kind, and could make the difference between a lovely Valentine’s Day and an alright one.

Daily Jackpot Lounge

Every day, LMAO Bingo will hosting Daily Jackpot Lounge bingo games at noon, which can see players pocket up to £250 in cash. Then, once a week on Mondays, there are Mega Jackpot games, which can see players win up to £500 in cash, at 5pm. Finally, on March 1, the Super Jackpot game takes place, which has a pot worth £1,000 in cash, and is also played at 5pm.

Win Free Tickets With Every £10 Deposit

Every £10 that you deposit to play bingo earns you free tickets to these games. For instance, depositing just a tenner will see you bag 2 free tickets to the Daily Jackpot Lounge game, as well as 2 tickets to the Mega Jackpot, and 1 Super Jackpot ticket. The more you deposit, the more tickets you get. If you were to make a deposit of £100 for instance, you’d get 10 free tickets to each of those games.

There are many more Valentine’s Day promos available at LMAO Bingo, too, but you have to be a member to claim them. If you aren’t already, then join now. LMAO Bingo will offer you a free £15 welcome bonus to get you started. These are offers that will have you laughing your bottom off.


LMAO Bingo

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