M8Ts Bingo Is a Totally New Way to Make Friends

By Vicky Duncalf - August 31 2012

I am a devil for reading horoscopes, and I always consult them before I sit down and play. And that’s why I love the New Zodiac Night at M8ts Bingo. This has now moved to Sunday between 9 PM and 11 PM, and it’s lots of fun. Each week six of the 12 Zodiac groups’ cash pots will be up for the taking as prizes. When you register, you are assigned your Zodiac sign corresponding to your date of birth, and it’s a nice little twist on the usual games.

Also be sure to check out fortnightly Tuesdays in the Oopsie Room. Here you can enjoy bargain-ticket warmups, which begins at 8 PM, and linked games with £5000 prizes.

M8ts is a brilliant way to make new friends – when you sign up, you can choose groups such as Glamorous Grans, Cheerleaders, and Bingo Blondes. This is an amazing way to socialise, and totally different from any other free bingo sites. When players in a group win cash, a proportion of these winnings go towards the group cash pot – it’s totally new, and totally innovative.

Start making new friends today – deposit £10 in your account to get a 250% bonus, join your preferred groups, and prepare for big fun.

M8ts Bingo - NEW
M8ts Bingo – NEW – Play Now

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