Make A Mint At Posh Bingo

By Becky Mosley - June 23 2009

Posh Bingo are giving away a mint every month, not a Polo or an extra strong mint but £3,000!

On the last Friday of every month at 9:00pm Posh Bingo give away a cool £3,000 guaranteed jackpot in the ‘Make A Mint’ online bingo room.

The full house prize is worth £1500, the 2 line prize is £1000 and the 1 line prize is £500, so Posh Bingo give bingo players 3 chances to win big.

Bingo cards for the ‘Make A Mint’ game at Posh Bingocost 10p each, there is no minimum ticket number for the game and the maximum card purchase is 24. You must be a funded bingo player.

If there is more than one winner per line then the prize will be split among the winners. The lucky jackpot winners will have their bingo accounts credited straight after the game so no waiting around to spend, spend, spend!

Posh Bingo (Updated)
Posh Bingo (Updated) – Play Now

Posh Bingo

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