Make it your ambition to be a Sing Bingo groupie!

By Asin Agrawal - February 2 2011

If you want to become a groupie and have dreamed of this in your youth, but are getting a bit long in the tooth; now is your chance courtesy of Sing Bingo. They even get offered exclusive games but so do Lead Singer and Super Star Players. A "Groupie" is a member who has deposited £50 or more since their first registration with Sing Bingo. See it is easy to be a groupie at this bingo site, no matter how floppy your boobies are; no-one cares as long as you have your £50!

They are going to be celebrating a Grand Valentines Day this year – what will you be doing, celebrating like mad or avoiding it like you would avoid a poke in the eye with a sharp stick? You either love it or you hate it don't you? One thing about this Sing bingo game, whether you love or hate valentines is that you can play the game, because no matter how you feel about "VD", 4 x £250 guaranteed jackpots are always welcome in anyone's books. Strike it lucky in each of these games and you could win up to a grand in cash for only a penny a pop! That's right, bingo tickets only cost one penny and I reckon that is cheap enough for even the most cynical Valentine's hater to splurge on tickets for under a pound for a maximum buy-in. These games play every Monday at 9pm and are 90 ball bingo so there are three chances to win.

If you are not a member yet, sign up today with Sing Bingo and the next two memorabilia games have a Phil Collins Gold Disk and an iPhone/iPod docking station up for grabs. Although I am not sure how this particular prize could be construed as memorabilia?

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